Choosing The Right Custom Home Builder In Michigan

Choosing the Right Custom Home Builder In Michigan
By Rick Merlini
American Heartland Homes
Macomb Michigan
Certified Professional Master Builder
2 Time ABC Extreme Makeover Home Edition Home Builder

Choosing the right builder is probable the most important decision you are going to face when it comes to building a new construction home. He or she can either make the experience fun and exciting or slow and disappointing.

Here are the tips I would use to choose your builder.

  1. The quality of communication with him or her is the most important factor. Conflict occurs when expectation are not met due to a lack of communication. Ask yourself if your builder exhibits the following skills.
    1. Is he or she organized?. If your builder isn’t organized in the beginning of the process, he or she won’t be organized throughout the process either.
    2. Is building a passion or just a job? People who enjoy what they do tend to do a better job than those who think of it as just a pay check.
  2. How much knowledge and creativity does he or she exhibit.
    1. Do they come up with solution to a problem quickly?
    2. Do they give you creative and unique ideas?
    3. Are those creative ideas saving you money or costing you more?
    4. Are they giving you real options or are they just telling you what you can or can not have. Choices are empowering and it shows whether the builder is there to build what you want or build you what they want to sell you.
  3. Does the builder accommodate your personal needs and wants? Do they show a real interest in you and your family or are they just telling you everything you want to hear?
  4. Do they have any referrals?
  5. Are they a full time builder or do they have another part time job?

I have found that if you find a home builder that can demonstrate these set of skills, you will be much happier with the finished product.

Remember, greatness in is the details. It is those small details that will make the difference. Most homes in Macomb Michigan will have those small details. So don’t forget them. Good luck with your search of that new home. I hope this article will help you.

If you have any other questions about buying homes, selling homes, building a new home or any new construction question here in or around Macomb Michigan, feel free email me at Thanks for visiting my blog.

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