Custom Built Homes And The Construction Process

Custom Built Homes And The Construction Process

By Rick Merlini

American Heartland Homes

Before we start building your new construction home, we have created a process which makes building that new home much easier. What we have done is broken down the selection process into 3 sections. The 3 section will keep your home being built while giving you more time to make those decision that are necessary.

Section # 1 is what we call the permit process. At this stage all we want you to do it finalize the exterior dimension of the home and the exterior material and not the colors. The goal here is just to get your home started. The permit process can take up to 1 month to complete and the basement another month. While we are getting those stages going you can start thinking about the next section.
Section # 2 the rough mechanicals and exterior colors. While we are completing stage one you now turn your focus to the exterior colors and rough mechanicals location and types. With help from our relationship builders, we can guide you through this process. Again, while we are completing section 2 you now turn your focus to section 3.
Section #3 is the finishing touches. You will again get help from our relationship builders to finalize all your section.

As you can see, we have broken the process up to make it easier on you. The process helps to keep you focused on making the choices in the order that they are needed. Must builders force you to make all the decisions before they start, which can make the process very stressful.

Here is a short FAQ section

Construction time for a custom home is typically 4 to 6 months depending upon the size and complexity of the home. This time frame can be achieved as long as decisions are made in a timely manner. Like the old saying goes- “Good Preparation makes for good exclusion.”

Construction Inspections – With a complete set of plans detailing the home as agreed upon and complete specifications detailing what is in the home and what is not in the home, the construction of your home will be inspected by your lender at the following times prior to funds being disbursed to the builder. The same inspections are performed by the city or county building department.

  • Completion of Basement
  • Completion of exterior framing
  • Completion of rough plumbing, rough electrical, rough heating and rough framing.  (This inspection is made prior to the drywall being installed.)
  • When the drywall is complete
  • When the cabinets, trim, driveway, and other finish materials are complete

The final inspection is made when the home is complete. You will also inspect the home at this point and will have the opportunity to point out any areas that need to be corrected

Customer Walk Through – We schedule 3 different walk throughs with our customers during construction.

  • After framing is complete
  • After rough mechanicals are installed and prior to drywall
  • Final orientation of the home

These 3 meeting are to ensure that the home gets built to your satisfaction and also to ensure that the lines of communication are always open and information is flowing back and forth.

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