For Sale By Owner Tips To Selling Their Home

For Sale By Owner Tips To Selling Their Home

By Rick Merlini

American Heartland Homes

Certified Professional Master Builder

2 Time ABC Extreme Makeover Home Edition Home Builder

Just imagine you are shopping for a car and you find two of the exact same cars you were looking for next to each other. One of the cars is perfectly clean and shiny, and when you sit in the car, it had the smell of a new car. The other car was dirty and, when you sat in it, it had a funky smell to it. Which one do you think is worth more?

It is the same with a house. A home that shows well and smells good is worth more than a home that does not. Therefore, to help you try to sell your home faster and for more money, here are 10 inexpensive home improvements that will help you

1. Repaint Rooms. Paint is the cheapest way to make a home look new and smell new. Paint also brings emotion to a home. Remember people buy emotionally and not logically. Read up on some on the most popular color trends today and bring those colors into your home. Also, remember paint with light colors to make living areas appear roomier and darker colors for a cozier feel.

2. Wash and Paint the Exterior. The exterior of your home is the first thing a person sees when they come to see your home. Therefore, take as much care and effort into the exterior of your home as you do the interior. Spruce the exterior by power washing it and trimming the landscaping. If your house’s exterior paint has faded, a new coat will add value and attract more house hunters. Moreover, if your landscaping is overgrown, trim it up and weed the beds.

3. Bring the Light in New. If you have old and outdated light fixtures, go to one of the lighting wholesale places and replace them. If you have a room that is dark, add brighter blubs or a light fixture that has more wattage capability to it. A brighter room will appear more spacious and inviting to potential buyers. Accentuate your house’s distinctive elements with track lighting, table and floor lamps, or wall and ceiling fixtures. If you cannot bring the natural light in, bring artificial. Some light is better that none.

4. Organize and De-Personalize. Cleanliness leads to closing. Clear your house of clutter with new storage or shelving. At the same time, help buyers envision the house as their own by removing personal items like knick-knacks and photographs.

5. Repair and or Replace Window Screens. Fixing sagging, dirty or ripped screens is one of the easiest and most inexpensive home improvements for home sellers. Take an afternoon and rejuvenate your windows and doors with just a few simple tools.

6. Patch Drywall Dings and Dents. Imperfections like drywall divots suggest larger problems with the integrity of your house. Patching dings and dents is crucial to a fast sell, especially if you plan on painting. Make your walls flawless before showing the house. In addition, if you had stains on your ceiling from an old roof leak, remember to use a product such as Kilz to make sure your paint will cover the old stain.

7. Unstick Stubborn Doors. Sticking doors are bothersome, and even more so to prospective buyers touring your home for the first time. With some sanding, varnish and a little adjusting, you can quickly eliminate this common irritation.

8. Repair Tile Grout. Make your bath and kitchen look brand new by ridding these rooms of shabby and damaged grout. Repairing grout could take some time, depending on the magnitude of the project. The striking results will be well worth the time spent. When repairing that area, make sure they are free of mold. These days nothing turns a potential buyer off more that hearing the home has mold.

9. Upgrade Kitchen and Bath Faucets. Replace faucets to give your kitchen or bathroom a quick facelift. Those old brace fixtures are screaming old and outdated. A new faucet can set a more contemporary tone and pique interest from homebuyers. If your current faucets are leaking or worn, a new faucet is an absolute necessity.

10. Clean or replace your carpeting. If your carpets are in good condition, then having them steam cleaned will help them look new. More importantly, it will remove odors from your home. If the carpet looks worn, replace it.

I hope this information can help you. If you have any other question or comments, feel free to leave them here or email me at

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