A Fresh Approach To Creating Value Through Design

Value with your new home construction

Creating value through design is the best way I know of saving money when building a home. It is the designs that can save you money through efficient use of material and the efficiency of the process to build them. In other words Good Preparation (Design) makes for Good Execution.

American Heartland Homes create value in more than one way. Others are:

  1. All of our design are cutting edge so they will be in style for years to come which will add you value in the long term.
  2. Because we design them by listening to people like yourself you can be assured that others would love to live in your home that we designed.
  3. Macomb Mi Home Builder with Committment
  4. All of our homes are value engineered to get the most saving out of each home. It is the value engineering that makes our plans efficient to build.
  5. Because we design the home for you , we know exactly how there are to be built to insure you quality you deserve. This helps use with the effective use of material.
  6. The Women Centric Process is a promised by us to make the whole process from the design and through the whole build, to be as enjoyable and as exciting as building a new should be. With our experience and processes we have adopted we can guarantee you a stress free experience. That has to be worth something.
  7. We help you manage the whole process from
    • Picking the perfect home
    • To helping you find the perfect financing
    • To helping sell your existing home if needed
    • Help you with all the decorating if need
    • Helping to with closing

All with your budget in mind.

We are VERY COMPETITIVELY PRICED for many other reasons

  1. Because we design and build the homes, we minimize waste during construction.
  2. We always show you those design features that carry a big bang for the buck for future resale
  3. We seek out those trades that do not have huge overheads so they can work for both of us for less money and at the same time we guarantee there workmanship
  4. We also have adopted "The Vertical Building Process" so to insure a faster building time which saves money in the long run

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