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You are a strong traditionalist with a pragmatic nature, and you view your home as your haven. You require private spaces to relax and read a good book. But you do focus a lot of your energy on your family and will look for a floor plan that best accommodates your family's lifestyle.

Home design must have an open, practical kitchen to keep you connected to family and friends as they're gathered in the great room.

Energy efficiency is a priority, along with easy-care surfaces (such as solid surface countertops, ceramic tile and laminate flooring) and practical features like a large laundry room rate high with you. You have an affinity for warm woods and squared off rooms (rather than curved walls). You tend to prefer landscaping that is colorful but fairly easy to maintain. As an Elise, you are at ease in conventional, mixed communities with families of all stages.

Please Note: The "Finally About Me” section is only a tool to help us better understand you so we can better serve you. It is not uncommon that you may find traits of yourself in 2 different personality types.

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