How Woman-Centric Matters Got Started

About Woman-Centric Matters

Woman-Centric Matters, at its core, acknowledges that women do matter.  We strive to see every aspect of building a new home from her perspective. From choosing a home plan, through moving in, we design the experience every step of the way. Utilizing our research and innovation, we first listen to what a woman wants in a home, and then we create it for her, sometimes suggesting amenities she may not even have considered, but would love.

How We Got Started

It all began in mid-air on a flight back to Omaha in January 2003 when Linda Reimer, the president of Design Basics, one of the nation’s premier design firms, was reading an article in Forbes magazine about the impact of female consumers. Forbes was reaching the decision maker - and was finding great success.

Linda reasoned that if women are making the decisions on most of the purchases, then many businesses could benefit from learning how to design their products and services around the things that actually matter to women. Later that same year, she launched Her Home Magazine, a publication targeted to women home buyers, and began two years of extensive research on how women make new home decisions.

In 2005, Design Basics launched a new division called Woman-Centric Matters and began licensing and training on how to effectively listen, understand and talk to female home buyers.

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